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Aaron Yang | UI/UX Designer, User Researcher, Website Developer

SODAA Impact

Website Design, Front-end Development

A map-based web application showing the faculty’s achievements all around the world.

My SODAA Space

Web App Design & Development

A space-scheduling system that helped students reserve a space in facilities during the pandemic.


UI/UX Design, Website Design

A meal kit service for students that helps them save time on cooking with an affordable solution.


UI/UX Design, Mobile App Design

Connect to your medical center and communicate with your nurses and doctors.


UI/UX Design, Industrial Design

A reward system that encourage young patients to keep clean.

VR Tour

Web App Design, VR

A web-based 360 virtual tour for Cincinnati Children’s Hospital new campus

Other Live Projects

Website design | WordPress | JavaScript

Website design | Accessibility | TYPO3

Web App Design | HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Website design | HTML, CSS, JavaScript | Firebase

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